There is close to 25 years of experience and innovation in every KVANT laser module. We provide lasers for Science, Industry and Education.

Wavelength guide

Over the years, we extensively expanded our range of laser modules, and now we cover a broad spectrum of laser wavelengths. From ultraviolet lasers, via visible spectrum, up to near-infrared lasers.

Currently, we offer over 120 different laser modules, with power output ranging from 5mW up to 30 Watts, in the range from 304nm to 975nm. The wavelength chart below shows all the currently available laser wavelengths we offer. Just click on one of the wavelength numbers or the point on the chart and the system will display all the available models for that wavelength.

Our mission is to ensure that a uniform and quality beam comes out of every KVANT laser module.

Kvant offers laser modules with wavelengths from deep UV to NIR and power ranges from a few milliwatts up to tens of watts. Single diode lasers, multi-diode assemblies as well as solid-state lasers can be combined into a single free space beam or fibre coupled output.

About Our Laser Modules

Our Blue Light Pumped (BLP) solid-state lasers are based on innovative laser technology. The InGaN-based pumping laser diode and fluoride crystals are a good base for durability and long lifetime.
A few years ago we invented our popular orange and red lasers based on this new technology. Recently we introduced our first UV laser with 320nm wavelength and a few milliwatts of power that is very close to nitrogen, excimer and some other gas lasers - to substitute the current HeCd metal ion gas lasers. It can be utilised in biotechnology, medicine, microelectronics technology, etching substrates or polymerisation.

Single Diode Modules

Our diode laser modules are equipped only with high-quality laser diodes manufactured by prestigious laser diode manufacturers.
All modules are temperature stabilised to yield maximum lifetime, optimal performance and power stability. The driving electronics allows analogue modulation up to 100 kHz with a linear response between the modulation signal and laser output power. Fibre coupling is possible for most of these laser modules.

Multi Diode Modules

Some applications require a high power laser beam which cannot be achieved with single emitter laser diodes.
We combine up to 64 single laser diodes and bundle the individual laser beams into a single output beam.

Optically Pumped Semiconductor Lasers (OPSL)

We are an official integrator of Coherent Genesis Taipan optically pumped semiconductor laser heads.
All Coherent heads are equipped with our own electronics and delivered as stand-alone laboratory systems or as industrial OEM version for further integration. There are single-mode and multimode versions available. The advantage of the OPSL technology is the ability to deliver high power outputs at unique wavelengths and excellent beam quality. So far we integrated over 1,000 Coherent laser heads.