Optical fibre coupling attachment

New product for scientific and display applications

Kvant Lasers introduces the new optical fibre coupling attachment. It is compatible with all higher power Kvant laser modules regardless of their wavelength and power output.

The accessory consists of a removable fibre coupling assembly and a high power optical fibre with core diameter available in the range from 50um to 400um. The assembly is available with both standard fibre connectors SMA905 and FC/PC.
The fibre output collimator can be supplied on request.

The benefit of the removable fibre coupling attachment is that it is usable in configuration with both, fibre coupled beam and free space beam.

The coupling efficiency is quite high and ranges from 84 to 88%.

The main advantage of a fibre-coupled beam is that it provides homogeneous top-hat intensity distribution at the output, which is essential for some architectural and research applications.
In combination with a fibre despeckling device, it is suitable for Laser Cinema, DLP imaging and other Display Technology applications.

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